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Aspidistra are sometimes known as the Cast Iron Plant because they’re almost impossible to kill. If you forget to water yours, give it a dark spot and just generally forget it exists for a bit, it will merrily make do on its own. They’ve built up that tolerance for poor conditions by growing in the shade under larger trees in China and Vietnam. Their resilience has made them an extremely popular houseplant, because anybody can care for one. If you’re just beginning your plant parenting journey, there’s no better starting point.

Did you know?
The aspidistra was massively popular in Victorian times, because it easily tolerated the poor light and air quality of 19th century homes.

Light watering It's very tolerant of irregular watering, but if you notice the top two inches of soil are dry, give it a drink.

Most light conditions This may be the least fussy plant you’ll meet. It’ll deal with almost any light level (not mad on strong sunshine).

Humidity Keep leaves green and lush, and avoid brown tips, by giving a mist every few days.

Really, there’s no extra care needed for this plant, but it’ll appreciate you keeping its leaves free of dust by wiping them occasionally with a soft cloth.

Plant height 60cm Recommended pot 18cm